Become a Member of Tapestry Weavers South!

If you are a tapestry weaver, want to become a tapestry weaver or simply enjoy and appreciate the art of tapestry weaving and are interested in becoming a member of TWS, contact

Annual dues are $20.

Membership Benefits:

  • Four quarterly newsletters
  • Yearly roster of TWS members
  • Opportunities for participation in exhibitions, workshops, and retreats
  • Facebook and website displays of member- created tapestries

For questions or other information, visit our Contact page.

Our current membership is listed below. We invite you visit the websites of those listed.

Our Members:

Klaus Anselm
Sue Parker Bassett
Cathie Beckman
Jeanne Bohlen
Edwina Bringle
Terri Bryson
Meg Bush
Linda Campbell
Eva C. Cassel
Jean Clark
Liliana Crespi
Helene Crie-Wiesner
Patricia Delashmit
Karen Donde
Nancy Dugger
Mary Anne Dyer
Molly Elkind
Michiele Elliott
Sandra Fishman
Marcella Fraker
Joan Furci
Nancy Garretson
Jayne Bently Gaskins
Barbara Gilmore
Genie A. Greenlaw
Joan Griffin
Gail Griffith
Janet Haase
Louise Halsey
Janet E. S. Hart
Betty Hilton-Nash
Susan Iverson
Connie Lippert
Mary Jane Lord
Lynn Mayne
Anna Byrd Mays
Janette Meetze
Cheryl Migliarini
Stacy S. Miller
Victoria L. Moore
Sidsel Moreb
Nancy Nordquist
Laurie P. O’Neill
Dolly Perkins
Ann Pierson
April Price
Christina Rasmussen
Dinah Rose
Jennifer Sargent
Dorina Scalia
Tommye Scanlin
Sue P. Schwarz
Kathryn Scott
Anita Shankles
Rosemary Smith
Becky Stevens
Terri Stewart
Dorothy F. Szymanski
Jane Gwyn Ward
Linda Weghorst
Holly Wilkes
Megan Williams
Pat Williams
Joann Wilson